This Is Us

We are sisters, both biologically and in health & well-being. We have a passion to live intentionally and motivate others with ideas to grow holistically and nourish their spirit, soul, body and family.

Our heart is to share our journey with you as we explore life and delve deeper into the interesting topics that propel us into the best version of ourselves.


I am a believer in an Almighty Faithful God, a mother to four vibrant young children, a wife to a very patient husband, an avid homeschooler and a passionate creator and pursuer of real food recipes that both taste good and nourish our, and especially our children’s, bodies.

I believe that our bodies have been made to function optimally. This belief carries with it the reality that everything we put into, or on our bodies, either contributes to its functioning or malfunctioning. I strive to live in a way that shows love and respect to my body, my environment and the earth. It is important to me to eat food that has been cultivated, grown and cared for in a way that blesses the earth, and I know that in turn, this will bless our bodies.

Ever since I can remember, I have been pursuing health. More recently, we as a family have been on a journey to detoxify ourselves – spirit, soul and body. This included cleaning up our eating habits and all other toxic ways of thinking and living. About three years ago, because of various food sensitivities in our family, we started on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet.  We experienced it to be very healing and nourishing for all of us, and we were successful in overcoming most of the food intolerances we had. After two years into the GAPS diet, we moved onto the Paleo diet. This is where we find ourselves at the moment, but as with all things that move forward, definitely not where we will find ourselves next year!

This life is a privilege worth living, and my hope is that in our journey as a family, and in my passion for pursuing real food and recipes, you will find things here that inspire you.


I am the wife of an exceptionally talented photographer, patient father and ‘I’ll-support-all-your-endeavours’ husband, and mom to a joyous, inquisitive and busy young boy. I am a holistic health enthusiast, and I have a deep appreciation for practical flowing solutions to everyday scenarios.

I thoroughly enjoy a cup of Dandelion tea, a piece of 100% organic chocolate, a good Pilates session, and clearing my head on my well-loved rebounder. I am very much inspired and sustained by the faithfulness, wisdom and ways of our Creator.

My journey with healthy living turned serious after losing two babies to miscarriage, and being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism during my third pregnancy. As with most crises times in life, it has worked out for my good and the good of my family. Our family has been living on a combination of the Paleo and Auto-immune Paleo diets for more than 2 years now, and I am grateful to say that this, together with sustainable positive lifestyle changes, have me living a healthy energised life with healthy blood hormone levels and without medication.

I am in absolute awe of the amazing ability of our bodies to heal and thrive through good food, positive thinking patterns and disciplines, and it has sold me to the truth that holistic health is the only obvious road forward.

I look forward to share this journey with you!

An important afterthought...

What we have found in our own lives is that holistic health is a journey, which takes time. The important thing is not how fast you race through the journey, but that you start it - however small that start may be. And keep on keeping on!

To life and in good health,

Franzelle & Riandi